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By jamie_lee on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 10:21 am:

Even before we entered the lifestyle Jack loved seeing me dressed slutty, said he thought that I was too beautiful to keep myself covered up and wanted to watch other guys react when they looked at me. So... I started shopping for sexier, more revealing clothes. Sometimes I would wear very short, shorts just going to the seven-eleven or the car wash or maybe I would come home from the mall and tell him how many looks I received wearing a low cut top, sometimes I even got an offer.

I started thinking about what really turned guys on and became more aware when they stared. I would wear shorter skirts and thongs and spread my legs wide when I got out of my car or drop something and bend over offering a down-blouse view when I was bra-less. One time I was shopping and being watched by a nice old man that had opened the door for me. He was coming up the aisle behind me so I bent over from the waist and picked something from a lower shelf then loosened a couple of buttons and turned around before straightening up. I had no idea whether he was a "Tit" man or an "Ass" man so I gave him a peek at both. I looked away and pretended that I didn't know he was looking as he stared at my breasts but I liked playing the game.

Ha! I guess I was turning into a real slut….I was having fun being a tease and showing off for Jack and he loved watching me. So... anyway.... for example... we were in this furniture store shopping for bar stools and a cute young salesman was following me with his eyes. I was wearing a short black skirt, silk panties, no bra and a skimpy white tank top that emphasized my nipples and exposed the side of my breasts just a bit.

The young man watched me climb up on one of the stools and spin around like a little girl. When I stopped I was facing him with my legs open and my shiny white panties showing. ... We both smiled.... He started walking toward us when Jack winked and suggested that I remove my panties and see how the padded leather seat felt on my bare butt. I laughed and went to the ladies room just as the salesman walked up.

The two of them were sauntering around some nearby chairs as I returned with a shy grin and took my place on my previous perch. I crossed my legs and turned toward them and watched as Jack looked up. I opened my legs and showed Jack my bare pussy then crossed them again quickly. He smiled and then maneuvered the salesman around until he was looking over Jack's shoulder and facing me. I uncrossed my legs again and spread them slightly then waited for the cutie to notice.

There were two or three other men there and as one of them came from the back and walked by I brought my knees together allowing him to see only the shadow of my hairy cunt. He smiled and nodded as he passed by so I smiled back and crossed my legs again allowing a short glimpse of my pussy in the process. I looked up to see our salesman staring at me as Jack was inspecting another stool. I stared back and spread my legs wide open this time then looked around to see who was present. Everyone else was out of sight except Jack and he was watching out of the corner of his eye.

I reached down and pulled my skirt higher and with both hands I opened my pussy and inserted two fingers. The guy's jaw dropped and he looked over to see that Jack was watching too. We all laughed quietly and I proceeded to give the guys a show as I fingered myself and faked a quick orgasm then slipped down off the stool and straightened my skirt. I walked up to the salesman and put my wet fingers up to my lips then turned away and went back to the ladies room again to put my panties back on as Jack made his purchase.

On the way home Jack said that the salesman told him I looked awesome on that bar stool.... Ha!... We got a thirty-percent discount and they both enjoyed the tease.... Well that's how it went at first.. I would flirt and flaunt and Jack would enjoy the show... but there was much more to come……

By duck22 on Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 11:02 pm:

More!!! More!!! More!!! Love your stories. They are so HOT!

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