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By fixationed on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 11:23 pm:

The guys were staring all the time, I knew what they wanted, I could read their mind. I'd been dancing with friends at the club, I knew the guys thought I would make a good Asian sub. I moved my body so they could stare, they wanted to use me, and I didn't care. My long black hair shook all around, my eyes were darting till they found, a big hard bulge protruding out, his cock was probably oozing like a water spout. I licked my lips with my tongue, he looked like he might be well hung. He was with his friends, they started to laugh, I rubbed my breast and then my ass. The laughter stopped and towards me they came. I smiled at them, as I knew the game. I walked away with a sexy walk, they followed me slowly and started to talk. They wondered if I was for real, if my body was available for them to feel. Into the dark corner I did go, there was only one way for them to know. I pushed my back against the wall, and then down to my knees I did fall. I exposed my breasts for them to see, and rubbed my nipples with lot's of glee. I stuck my tongue out to show I was keen, I think it was longer than any they'd seen. It would soon be licking tasty cum, the end of this night was going to be fun. They released their cocks for me to touch, and then their balls for me to clutch.

Into my mouth they go, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. My mouth is wet and yours to please, I know you deserve it, as I've been such a tease. My lips are placed around the cock, my teasing made it hard as rock. My tongue will dart to and fro, the juices produced have but one place to go. You grab my hair as you thrust, I see your face is full of lust. I open wide so you can see, your big member thrusting into me, making me gag with every thrust, it's going to cum, and soon it must. You shoot your load down my throat, Mister cock I think I rocked your boat. I clean the cock, its only fair, while into your eyes mine will stare. The cum will dribble off my chin, onto my breasts and clothes so thin. I lick my lips and taste the cum, it's salty, warm and lots of fun. The cock is done, away it goes, when it will come again, nobody knows. I wait for another on the floor, and hear a knock on the door. It stands there proud, alone at first, then there's more to quench my thirst. I suck them all the best I can, but one won't cum he's a loyal fan. I take his cock down my throat, "Oh baby" he shouts, I think I'll get his vote. He thrusts and thrusts the best he can, then shoots his load, it's all caught on cam. My hubby will watch when I get home, watching me suck cocks gives him the bone. I't's filmed for him on my phone, he'll watch and then he use my pussy like a metronome. He likes to watch, he likes to stare, I like sucking cocks so it's only fair. To see lot's of cum on my dress, that's what he wants he did confess. He's trained me well, to make cocks swell. I think of cocks all the time, and all the cum that will be mine. I wrote a story about my life, how I became a good Asian slut wife. With long black hair and skin that's fair, I see that cocks are everywhere. My favourite place is on my knees, in front of a cock, I'm such a tease. Tomorrow will be another day, and the cock sucking starts without dismay, I have a skill I know it's true, and the next cock I suck may belong to you.

Asian slut wife sucking cocks

By fxm on Monday, August 22, 2016 - 11:25 am:

Loved this!

By tastyballs12 on Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 5:17 am:

You can suck my cock anytime

By pussywrecker60 on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 2:21 pm:

Now that was some story and baby you could suck my cock anytime you want as your one cock hardening hot slut!! Also that picture made me cum hard and fast !!

By lildickfucker on Friday, February 23, 2018 - 2:40 pm:

You aren't only a sexy slut wife, but a poet and you know it!

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