Paying the bill

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By limommy69 on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 11:26 pm:

Paying the bill
My husband and I have always managed to keep our sex life alive and well but I must admit our last c***d has slowed us down. Now that he is almost 3 we have made a real effort to rekindle our sexy ways. Lately we have been going on date night adventures. We have been to the movies, where I gave him a blow job during a showing of “Grownups 2”. We have gone out to eat, where he fingered me to orgasm twice under our table. Tonight we were going out again but I had no idea where we would be going. My husband had called me from work and told me he had laid out an outfit for me in the spare bedroom. During the baby’s nap I ventured into the guest bedroom to see what my husband had in mind for tonight. Boy was I intrigued.
Lying on the bed was a stocking and garter set, with no panties. A short denim skirt that would barely cover my ass and a top that tied up in the front and worked as a kind of brassier. On the floor was a pair of thigh high black boots with 3 inch high heels. I was not totally sure what my husband had in mind but my thoughts got my pussy dripping in anticipation.
That night I dropped the boys off at my parent’s house. They were going for a sl**p over with grandma while mommy was going to something very special with daddy. As soon as I returned from my parents, I started to get ready. I took a long hot shower and cleaned every inch of myself. I gave my pussy a nice close shave and then I put on the outfit my husband left for me. I stood in front of the mirror and just stared. I left the top mostly undone and moved my right tit out from under the fabric. I sat on the bed and spread my legs a little to expose my freshly shaven pussy. I moved my left hand to my tit and began to rub my nipple as my right hand slowly sank under the short skirt to find my wet pussy waiting for its fingers. Moving in circles I rubbed all around my pussy lips as I dropped in the occasional finger. My head dropped back and I stayed in that spot until I came letting out a loud yell in my empty house. Slowly I looked up and into the mirror to see the repressed sexual a****l was back. This was the a****l I had to constantly push back while I went to little league practice and sat in PTA meetings. Now she was back and she was ready for fun. Smiling at my friend in the mirror I took a quick selfie and sent it to my husband. The message back said, “leaving now”!
When my husband pulled into the driveway I was ready. As he walked in and began to shut the door I attacked. I rushed up to him gave him a hard kiss on the lips and then just dropped to my knees and undid his pants. Freeing that beautiful cock from his under wear, I began to stroke it as I moved my tongue around the head. He leaned back against the closed door, dropped his briefcase and gasped, “Holy ”! I ravaged his cock like an a****l starving for a meal. I alternated jacking his shaft and licking his shaven balls with deep throating him as I made gurgling noises, which I know he loves. At one point as I was jacking him I looked up and asked in my best little girl voice, “Is daddy taking me out tonight”? “fuck yeah”! Was all he could say as he grabbed my head and just stared to fuck the out of my mouth. He rammed his cock into my throat until I could feel it hitting the back. He kept this up for a good 30 seconds and then he took his dick from my mouth and started rubbing his wet cock all over my face. As he rubbed his cock on my face he’d also slap it down on my cheeks and forehead. I just looked up at him with my mouth open like a little chick waiting for his meal. “You want this? You want my cock, slut”? he gasped. I shook my head yes while I kept looking up at him. He grabbed the sides of my head and again started to fuck my face furiously. Finally as he began to cum, he pulled my head right against his stomach and shot his load down the back of my throat. I easily took every drop and as he released my head I slowly slid my lips up his shaft, while applying sucking pressure until the head of his cock came out of my mouth with a popping sound. I grabbed it at the base and slowly squeezed the last few drops of tasty cum from his cock which I licked from the tip with my tongue. I stood up and kissed him on the neck, as I know he never allows me to kiss him on the lips after a blowjob. He smiled and slapped my ass as I turned to head to the downstairs bathroom. My hubby went upstairs to change and within 15 minutes we were headed out the door. Still not sure where we were going, I wore my long dress coat to conceal the outfit that was not fit for many places.
It was a warm summer night with a light cool breeze coming off the ocean. My husband told me to go and get in the truck. I thought it a little odd he said the truck since we usually take his car when we go out for an evening. Knowing better than to ask any questions I walked toward my truck. It was your basic SUV, with three rows of seating to fit all the little leaguers I drove around all week. As I opened the door to the truck a twinge of that “soccer mom” came back but I repressed it. Being such a lovely night I decided to ditch the coat as I prepared to climb into the passenger seat.
Stepping up on the running board, I heard a familiar voice say, “Hi Mrs. ---,” I turned and it was Liam our young neighbor next door. Liam was about 20 years old and most of the time away at college. Being summer he was now home. I knew this because over the last few weeks I have seen him looking at me through his window. His bedroom faces ours and you can clearly see in each other’s room if you don’t close the curtains, which I never do. My dresser is positioned at a vertical angle to my window so if I stand at the mirror Liam has a perfect side profile of me. I have enjoyed this voyeur relationship with Liam. I am constantly drying off and putting lotion on my naked body in front of my mirror. I often try on my lingerie while standing in front of the mirror and I have even had my husband fuck me doggy-style while I braced myself on my dresser. All of this as Liam watches and either takes pictures or masturbates furiously. I turned toward the voice and greeted Liam with a hello. He smiled and just looked me up and down, his hard on stretching in his pants. “Hot date?” he asks and I smile. “You could say that”, I replied. I stare down at his raging hard on trapped in his pants and I lick my lips. I nod my head and smile as I move my eyes up to his. He just stares, mouth open, not knowing what to do. I make eye contact with him and tell him, “Maybe I’ll see you later Liam. I plan to be near my window tonight. “His eyes go wide but he doesn’t say a word. I turn, step one foot up on the running board and then bend over as if I was picking up something under the seat. This gives Liam a perfect shot of my naked ass and shaved pussy lips. I stay like that for a good 15 seconds and then I straighten up, step both feet up and turn my head back to Liam, who is standing there rubbing his cock through his pants. I blow him a kiss and then sit down in the passenger seat and close the car door. My husband comes out shortly after and smacks Liam on the shoulder as he greets him saying, “Have a great night Liam”. Liam stammers, “you too Mr. ----“. As we back out of the driveway I give a small wave and a smile to Liam, who waves back and begins to quickly type on his phone. I can only imagine the group of young boys who will be sl**ping over Liam’s tonight.

By limommy69 on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 11:27 pm:

Driving into the dark night my husband asks what Liam thought of the outfit. “What do you think”, I say and we share a good laugh. I am growing ever more intrigued as to our adventure tonight as I notice we are driving away from inhabited areas and into an area known as the Pine Barrens. Also I glimpse at the contents of the bag my husband brought with him and see our bondage rope, the blindfold, the video camera, one of my vibrators,a butt plug and a bondage collar with leash. Nice toy bag you have back there I say and my husband smiles. “Reach in and get the vibrator”, he says, “and give it to me”. I do as told and hand him the vibrator. “Lean back and pull up that skirt,” he tells me in his authoritative voice. Again I do as told. He turns on the vibrator and begins to rub it on my pussy lips. My hands instantly pulls my blouse open and I start rubbing my tits. My husband continues to work the vibrator in and around my pussy and I flick and rub my tits. I am writhing in delight and completely unaware of where we are going. The only thing I notice is the after I cum, the truck slows down and the road gets bumpy. I do not dare raise my head, since my hubby has not given me permission so I lean back and spread my legs further apart.
After about 10 minutes on the bumpy road he removes the vibrator, turns it off and places it in the middle console. “Stay where you are”, is all he says to me as he stops the car and gets out. I feel the warm air rush in as he opens the door and I look around to try to orient myself. As the door closes I notice the interior lights stay on in the truck. I hear hip-hop music and also at least 3 or 4 people talking. Other than that I am completely oblivious to where I am or what is happening to me. Soon I hear my husband’s muffled voice and the voice of a few other people who sound male. It is at this point that I see two black faces stare into the window and look at me. Startled I let out a small yelp, which causes the men to begin to laugh. They recede into the night and my husband opens the back door, grabs the bag, closes that door and opens mine. He takes the blindfold and puts it on me and also puts my collar and leash on. He leans in to me and whispers, “Tonight I am not your husband. I am your pimp. You can call me daddy or sir but that is all. You will do as you are told. I hope you are ready for this,” and then he kisses me long and hard. “I love you”, he says as he pulls away and begins to tug on the leash pulling me out of the car.
As I stand on the ground I notice that the heels of my boots keep sinking easily into the soil. I am standing on sand. I deduce from this that we must be at one of the campsites located in the Pine Barrens. My husband leads me towards the back of the truck as he opens the hatch in the back. I stand there waiting for instructions, while being aware that there are more than a few people near us. “Give me your hands”, my husband commands. I hold up my hands. He places the fur cuffs on each. He then places the leg cuffs on my ankles. He turns me around so I am facing the opening in the back of the truck and then I feel the ropes attached to the cuffs pull me into towards the rear opening of the truck. I go to move in on all fours but I am stopped by the ankle cuffs, which have tied me into the ground somehow. My only alternative is to bend at the waist as I am stretched forward. Bending slowly down I am almost at a 90 degree angle when I feel another person is in the back of the truck and I am suddenly yet softly hit on the side of my face by something warm, big and very musky. It is someone’s cock, but not my husband’s. This dick is much bigger and thicker than my husband. I move my face and rub it against this monster cock, like a cat rubbing up against its master’s leg. “Yeah, that’s it baby” is the reply that comes from my new friend. “Open wide and take Ray’s cock in your mouth”. I open my mouth as told but it is awkward since I cannot use my hands. They are still pulled in front of me so my mouth is basically hovering over Ray’s cock. I do my best and take Ray’s cock in my mouth but it is so big I need to work just to get the head into my stretched mouth. Perhaps noticing my problem Ray grabs my head and begins to move my head up and down on his shaft. He seems to know not to go too deep and keeps the pumping shallow but fast. He also gives me the occasional breather as he pulls my head off is cock and moves it down to his massive balls. I lick and suck them for all they are worth.
Now as I am doing my best to please Ray there is movement and discussion behind me. There are at least three voices other than my husband’s talking. It is hard for me to hear with Ray’s big hands over my ears, but eventually I begin to feel hands moving over my ass and rubbing my pussy and then I feel hands grab my ass cheeks, spread them apart and then someone starts licking my already wet pussy from behind. What an incredible feeling to be eaten out from behind, while being face fucked by Ray’s massive cock and also all these other hands moving all over my body. Along my back, slapping my ass, pinching my nipples and working the butt plug in and out of my ass. It was total erotic sensory overload. I was moaning and gasping for breath whenever Ray let me up for air. In addition to all this I noticed that it was very light around us considering we were outside at night. As I was moved around, the blindfold let in streams of light that I now saw were coming from work lights pointed at the car. We were being filmed, probably by my husband. This made me even hotter and I gyrated my ass around grinding it into the face of the person eating me out. This got me some all rights and yeah baby’s from the crowd.
This continued on for a few more minutes until Ray pulled my head up and declared, “MMM.. I want a piece of that ass baby”. Ray slid his body towards the rear opening of the truck, rubbing his sweaty body under mine. He felt very muscular and barrel chested and as I breathed in his manly smell he stopped moving. His face was right under mine. He raised his face slightly towards mine and whispered in a low baritone voice, “Don’t know who you are baby but me and my friends are going to fuck the out of you tonight”. I smiled and He slid out from under me. Almost as soon as Ray left another body was sliding under me. The new person was much thinner than Ray but as I started to blow him I could tell that his cock was even bigger than Ray’s. It was not as thick but it was longer. This cock I handled better and soon I was bobbing my head up and down on it like a pro. This new man, Darryl, kept his hands off my head and I could now hear the conversation behind me.
“Nah Ray you already had a go. Let the rest of us have a turn,” argued one of the others to Ray. Ray then replied, “Man, Pookie if you go then she’s going to be all stretched out for the rest of us”. “Not my problem dog”, shot back Pookie.

By limommy69 on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 11:29 pm:

My mind began to race. If Ray was not the biggest and he was complaining that Pookie was going to stretch me out, how big was this Pookie? I did not have to wait long to answer my question. The person eating me out was suddenly pushed aside and I felt someone step behind me, who I feared was probably Pookie. He stood there and just rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass. It was as thick as Ray, perhaps slightly thicker, but his full size did not become apparent until he slid his entire cock down my ass until the head was poking the lips of my pussy. It was so long that I no longer felt Pookie’s body behind me, only his cock. “Don’t forget to breathe baby”, said the man who I was blowing. He let me remove my mouth from his cock and I just held it and jacked him off as I prepared for Pookie. God it was so long. Easily the biggest cock I ever had inside of me. Thankfully Pookie worked it in slowly, pumping in and out but only increasing the depth a little at a time. OH GOD and Oh Fuck were the only things I could say. After a few minutes Pookie let out a long sigh and a “yeah baby”, as I finally felt his legs touch mine and felt his balls hit my pussy lips. His ball sack must have weighed 2 pounds and felt like a water logged bean bag. Thankfully Pookie just held that position for a few moments as my pussy adjusted to her new friend. And then he started to move, pumping in and out over and over, picking up speed as he went. I was in pain as his massive cock hit into my uterine opening at the back of my cervix, but that feeling was overwhelmed by all the pleasure Pookie’s beautiful cock was giving me. I screamed in ecstasy as my juices flowed wildly foaming on my pussy lips. I orgasmed from my G-spot being ravaged but also from the stimulation of my clit. Pookie’s balls were smacking so hard into my foaming pussy lips that it was like another hand rubbing my clit. I can’t put into words how unique and pleasurable this feeling was to me. I totally let go, as my legs began to buckle. Luckily my new friends caught me and held me up.

After a few incredible minutes Pookie came, shooting his cum deep into my uterus. It felt like a water balloon had burst inside of me, and I collapsed again into the arms of the men next to me. I began to shake uncontrollably from orgasmic aftershocks and was finally untied from my hand and feet restraints. “Get the camera ready”, Said Pookie, who was impaling me on his giant shaft. “You are gonna want to tape this cream pie”. After a few seconds Pookie began to pull out of me and as he removed his cock’s head from my pussy it felt like a cork coming off a champagne bottle, instantly his cum and mine began to drain from my well used pussy. “Hope this bitch has birth control or somebody gonna be havin another one of my babies,” laughed Pookie who was joined in by the other men. My husband and I never bothered with birth control,no matter who I fucked. Since all 3 of my boys were from artificial insemination, the idea of getting pregnant naturally never entered our minds. But now I thought if anyone was going to be able to knock me up, it was Pookie. I couldn’t ponder my new potential problem long because soon the men were pushing me into the back of the truck. One of them ordered me to turn around and face them and then to lie on my back. As I did I was pulled by my arms to the end of the trucks bumper. Happily, I felt some padding on the floor so that my neck was properly cushioned. So there I was on my back, head over the back bumper and my legs being hoisted into the air by the leg cuffs and leashes, which must have been tied through the hand holds on the ceiling above the back doors. Then the leashes on my hand cuffs were pulled until my hands were again pulled over my head. What happened next was fairly predictable.
Each man took his turn fucking my upside-down mouth. Some blew their loads down my throat, while others shot it all over my face. Still others had me sucking their musky balls while they jacked off all over my body, rubbing it in for good measure. This seemed to go on for an hour or more. I could not tell. I only heard their voices laughing and joking with each other and also the sound of cell phone cameras snapping pictures. What a sight I must have been. About half way through the group, I guess the ones who had gone first must have gotten their second wind, because I heard the side doors open and felt the men crawling into the truck from the sides. Soon I was getting fucked by one guy as another face fucked me. I think I fell into a trance of sorts carried away by all this pleasure until I felt my legs fall to the truck floor, having been untied. The man who did this then grabbed my legs, bent them and pushed my knees toward my head. I was now in a squat position, my ass totally exposed to him. I felt him pull the anal plug out, realizing that I had forgotten it was there, and he began to replace it with his dick. His cock was bigger than the plug so he moved slowly allowing my ass muscles to stretch over their new friend. I was again moaning now as he began to work his cock in and out of my now gaping ass. “You like Ray’s cock in you, don’t you?” said the man. This is Ray’s cock I thought to myself, as I moaned approval to his question. If this was Ray then this was the biggest cock I have ever taken in my ass. I inwardly hoped Pookie was not going to climb into the truck. This went on for another long while with men either fucking my mouth or ravaging my ass. Eventually the action stopped, my hands and feet where untied and I lay down in the back of the truck in a fetal position, my body shaking uncontrollably. Someone covered me in my coat as I was only wearing my boots and garter at this point. I lay there shivering but as satisfied physically as I suspect any human could be. I was sore all over but it felt so wonderful that I longed for it to last. Outside I heard my husband talking to the men. Funny, the entire time I had not heard one word from him, but here he was now speaking to the men who had ravaged me all night.
“Happy?” my husband asked. “Absolutely dog,” came the reply from someone who sounded like Pookie. “Great, so we got a deal?” my husband asked. “For sure”, said Pookie. “You bring one of your fine honeys here every 3 weeks and you got 20% off the bill.” Well, how about I bring this one back? Asked my husband. Hoots and hollers came from the group as Pookie said, “I think my boys just gave you that answer. That is a fine piece of ass you got there. Bring her by anytime.” “Okay”, laughed my husband. “I’ll be by tomorrow to sign the contracts and get things started.” The driver’s side door opened and I felt my husband get into the car, and as he did I felt someone near me at the back of the truck. His face came close to mine and with his beer breathe he said to me, “See you soon baby. We are going to have lots of fun soon.” “Bye Pookie”, I said smiling up to him. He placed his big hand on my head. Then moved away and shut the hatch door.

By limommy69 on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 11:30 pm:

As we drove away my husband told me I could remove the blindfold. I still lay in the back exhausted as he drove towards home. He asked if I had fun and I told him it was wonderful. I asked how many men were there and my husband told me about 8. He said it was difficult to keep track and I could only agree. He then asked if I wanted to go back there sometime and I sighed, “Oh god yes”. “Good”, came my husband’s reply. The rest of the way home my husband told me the whole story. We were not at a campsite like I thought but we were near the Pine Barrens on private land, our land. His f****y owned a few acres near the Pine Barrens. We had always wanted to build a beach house there but could never afford it, until now. My husband told me we had saved up enough money to build, but the house would be small. After he settled on a contractor they began to plan the house. Through those discussions, ideas on how to build a bigger house for a lower price was batted around by my husband and the foreman, Alex Sanchez, nickname Pookie. Over a lot of beers and smokes Pookie told my husband that he had a web site that made him a lot of money. The site featured white middle-aged women being gangbanged by black men with big dicks. Pookie used boys from his construction crew to do the gangbanging, but lately he had begun to run dry of new white girls to add to the collection. My husband then offered out a solution. He would hook Pookie up with a white girl that would be perfect for him and in exchange Pookie would build the bigger house at the lower price. Knowing the money a new girl on his web site would bring in, Pookie agreed to the deal. Pookie had no idea that I was my husband’s wife, but it didn’t matter. Pookie got his white ho’ to gangbang and we got our dream house. It took almost a year to finish the house and during that time I returned to my boys four more times. We did things I would never have imagined doing and they fucked me all over the property, first in the house, then chained in the garage, around the hot tub out back and even in our new master bedroom. It was only when Pookie came to give us the keys that he realized who I was. He just smiled and shook his head. He asked my husband if they could come back some time and I agreed but not with the cameras. If you want to see me you will have to find Pookie’s web site. I’ll be the sandy blonde, middle aged women tied up and fucked every way imaginable. Oh by the way, at the end of that first night, my husband fucked me up against our bedroom window as Liam and three of his friends jerked off next door.

By show_time_55 on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 8:41 am:

luv to see the pics

By starmaker123 on Friday, August 19, 2016 - 6:02 pm:

I've used my wife to make a great deal on new boat. Save me thousands. She did a great job on the onwer.

By jjatj45 on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 6:08 pm:

great story would love to see the pictures and video. Can you email me the web site

By kuma_akita on Sunday, September 11, 2016 - 9:19 am:

Yes p!ease email us the web site

By eagerbeaver2000 on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 10:02 pm:

Where are the pics????
Awesome story
Well told

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