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By grayfox4557 on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 10:24 am:

This is a true story. It happened just a couple months ago.
Background: I’m an over 50 Dom widowed. She is a thirty-something, polysexual with a need to be spanked. We found each other on CL (a true rarity in SWMO). Because the relationship ended as abruptly as it started there will be no pix with this story – sorry but a gentleman always keeps his word. It begins. . .
I saw her ad and skipped over it, twice and an hour later went back an answered it. She responded almost instantly and a “first meeting” was arranged for the next morning at a local convenience store early. When I pulled into the parking area that morning she was already there waiting. She was gorgeous. Amazon, over six feet tall and proportionately built. She approached as instructed and gave the proper greeting. She slid into the front seat and we chit-chatted for a few minutes.
She was literally vibrating with desire and anticipation and after a very short span I reached out and took a handful of her raven/purple hair, pulled her face to mine and, literally, raped her mouth with mine. No, not a delicate, tentative kiss of two first time teenagers petting. A full on sexual assault of her mouth with my lips, teeth and tongue and she responded instantly. Her breathing quickened, she opened wider and accepted me totally. Impulsively I reached out and grabbed her left breast. A significant 40D. No bra. Just the thin layers of a tank- t covered by a sun dress. Her nipple was hard and very sensitive and when I pinched it, hard, she moaned into my mouth and pulled my hand harder against the breast. The kiss and grope lasted for a full 3 or 4 minutes. I pulled her head back and stared into her eyes.
Pure lust burned within her beautiful dark eyes. Her breathing, ragged, skin, flushed, mouth slightly open, small pink tongue tip tasting the lips for more. I pulled her forward and playfull bit her lips before repeating the oral assault once more.
This time she took my hand and pushed it inside her shirt and squeezed, letting me know that I was to be less gentle than before. I complied, willingly. Using my thumb and forefinger I grabbed BOTH nipples, and pinched them together and she nearly came (in fact I think she did).
This time the kiss lasted for 5 minutes and by the end she was MINE.
The kiss broke and she said “OH MY GAWD I NEED MORE OF THAT!” Plans were made for a follow up visit, at her office, for the next afternoon after everyone was gone.
While we were making plans my hands never left her body, breasts, face, neck, hands, arms, stomach, thighs – I slipped my hand up under the sundress and the tops of her pantyhose were soaked through…..

By grayfox4557 on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 12:16 pm:

Part 2
Many texts were exchanged that first day and night and several times she begged me to find a minute to just touch her.
Next afternoon I arrived a bit early and waited for her office to empty. When the last person left Rose came to the back door and let me in. I stepped in, pulled the door closed and she was waiting, head down, breathing rapidly and nearly shaking with repressed energy.
“Come here.” I commanded sharply and she was instantly in front of me. Again I took her face in my hands, tilted it to mine and ravaged her mouth. All the while my hands were touching, exploring, grabbing, groping, touching and feeling, from shoulders to hips to ass, to breasts and back never long in one spot and not missing any part of this tantalizingly beautiful young woman.
With our mouths fused together I began to alternately knead her breasts and ass. I broke the kiss for a fast breathe and she whimpered “May I hug you Sir?” “Yes” and instantly her arms were around my neck and her mouth opened wider (if that was possible) and she began to vibrate like battery powered sex toy.
I slipped my left hand from her breast and slid it to her stomach, which I began to stroke, first side to side then top to bottom then repeating the process. Each stroke dipping lower until my hand grazed her mound top and she squealed into my mouth and I bit her lip.
The scent of her arousal filled my nostrils and I broke the kiss.
“Please Sir SPANK ME” she requested,
“Turn around an bend over.” I ordered. She instantly turned to the long folding type table and pushed everything out of the way and bent over.
“Lift that skirt”
The first five swats were fast, sharp and precise. She gasped with each one and by the fifth she was panting and squealing and begging “PLEASE SIR MORE” I stopped.
Slid my hand, now stinging slightly from the impacts on that lovely arse, across both pantyhose covered cheeks. She wore no panties just the hose and as my hand slipped further down her arse crack I discovered a small tear in the crotch. I pushed my finger tip into the tear and she moaned “Oh pleeeeeeeassssssse Sir….”
I withdrew my hand and applied five more rapid fire swats to her ass and she gasped, louder and began to dance on her toes a little. Five more swats and she was gasping for air and pushing her ass back. “Please Sir. Please Sir.”
I reached out, took her by the hair, turned her around and savaged her mouth yet again. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down between her legs. The hose were soaked through and the scent of her was so intoxicating I couldn’t resist.
I broke the kiss, looked once more into her eyes; pure lust and her lips parted and she panted “Please Sir take me now.” I turned her forcefully back around, bent her over the table again, slapped her ass several times; ripped the hose open and shove my face between her thighs and began to tongue her slit from back to front; both hands full of ass cheeks. She began to moan and whimper and plead “ Uggggggggghhhhhh OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD that’s so fucking wonderful don’t stop Sir please don’t stop…..” I kept it up for several minutes and she has a series of small mini-gasms.

By grayfox4557 on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 12:21 pm:

Part 3
I pushed up against her ass so she could feel the bulge in my jeans. Pulling her hair I lifted her from the table, turned her around and pushed firmly back “Sit on the table and spread your legs Brat.” I commanded and before the words were out she complied. I dove for her puss like a hungry man at a feast. The minute my tongue touched her slit she squealed and pulled my face tighter and she said “please Sir….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” and I began to slurp, lick, chew, and suck my way up and down her sweet puss and then I focused on her now very engorged clit and sucked it between my teeth. She came instantly and I never stopped. Now I began to flick my tongue all over and around her clit and I slid first one then two fingers up and down her soaking crack from puss to anus and back teasing the browneye and the bottom of her vaginal vestibule and continued the oral assault on her clit, vigorously.
Within seconds she was moaning, squealing and begging me to never stop. She was building to another, big, orgasm and as I sensed she was on the very edge I slid two fingers into her and pushed up on her G-spot and she began to thrash, squeal and cum, then – to her amazement – she began to squirt and I sucked and licked and swallowed the whole lot. All the while she was orgasming. Her thighs clamped against my head and as the final throes of orgasm subsided I stood up and savaged her mouth and she eagerly accepted my oral gifts of her own fluids.
Part 4
Our mouths were welded together for several minutes and when the kiss broke we remained wrapped in each others’ arms for a long while.
“Oh my gawd Sir, I’ve never squirted like that!” she said finally able to speak. “I’ve never cum so hard either.”
We made small talk and all the while I never stopped touching her. Her ass was visibly pink and her skin was very flushed.
After a few minutes of recovery time she looked into my eyes, took my face in her hands and pulled my face to her right breast ; “Please Sir, mark me, make me yours. Your mouth feels so good on me I want to remember you until the next time.”
And with that I took her breast into my mouth, first just the nipple, I chewed it gently for a minute and sucked it hard, then nipped it with my teeth; then I took the whole of that large soft tit in my mouth and sucked it so hard she semi-swooned. I slipped down her breast and nipped the nipple again then moved to one side, inside her cleavage, and left a major hicky, something I do only very rarely and relished the knowledge that her current BF would be able to see the mark, as she wanted, and then I flipped her around again and applied five firm, though softer, swats to her ass.
“OMG SIR I WANT YOU AGAIN NOW.” But that’s another story.

By thisnthat54 on Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 6:23 am:

Very good.

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