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By szcottie on Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 12:50 pm:

She finally said she wanted me to fuck her and without hesitation and eagerly wanting to feel that hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock I man handled her to her back so I could look at her beautiful face as I thrust my cock deep into her tight cunt. I put her legs up around my arms and folded her body in half so I could get every inch of my throbbing cock into her pussy. I started fucking her slowly working up a rhythm going a little deeper and faster with every thrust. I knew she loved every inch of my cock as her pussy was dripping wet and her ass was literally sitting in a puddle of her pussy juice. I fucked her hard and could feel my balls slapping up against her ass with every deep penetration. I tried to hold back from cumming for as long as I could but I wanted to make sure she came first. It is obvious when she came because her entire body stiffens and she often squirts. As soon as I felt her pussy juices all over my cock and legs, I pulled out and stroked my cock until I came hard all over her sweet pussy. That night was just a little teaser for what was going to happen to her the next day.

We woke up the next morning early as she is an early bird and I am usually horny as hell in the early morning hours. We had coffee and talked and time was getting close to meet my accomplices. I started making a list of things we needed for the weekend from the grocery store and when she wasn’t looking I sent a text to my accomplices to meet me at the designated meeting place in 20 minutes. I asked Anna what she needed from the store and told her to relax while I went to town. I gave her a kiss and told her I would check the doors to make sure they are locked. When checking the back door, instead of locking it, I unlocked it for access. I said goodbye and went out the front door making sure to lock it on my way out. The plan was about to start. I went to my car and took my tool bag out and left it by the back door hidden behind the firewood. I got into my car, started the engine and drove off.
Our meeting spot was just down the dirt road and off to the side where we could leave our vehicles and hike back to the cabin without being seen. I pulled into the small open area within the woods which was our meeting point and my accomplices were eagerly waiting dressed in black. Jake was a younger man in his 30’s that stood 6’ 2” tall and had a very muscular physique. Mark and Randy were thin and in their early 40’s standing 5’ 10”. We greeted and I changed into my black attire to play my role. I got the ski masks out of the trunk and handed them to the anxious men. We hiked through the woods for about 10 minutes and ended up directly behind the cabin. All seemed normal and Anna had no clue as to what was about to happen. I looked at my accomplices and said “are you ready?” They nodded yes and off we went approaching the back door.
Standing in front of the back door, we put our ski masks on, I retrieved the tool bag and I reminded them to not call me by name. I slowly turned the door knob to the back door and pushed the door open. One by one and very quietly we entered the house and closed the back door. It was very quiet and we were not sure where Anna was. I slowly made my way down the hallway with my accomplices following me. The tension was high but the excitement levels were even higher. The anticipation was overwhelming and I could feel the adrenalin rushing through my body. My heart was practically beating through my chest. We made it down the hallway and I peeked around the corner into the living room. She was sitting on the couch watching the morning news with no idea someone was in the house. We waited in the hallway for a few minutes so I could decide what to do next. As I was thinking she got up and headed to the bathroom door directly across the living room and on the opposite side from where we were. We lucked out and she unknowingly gave us the opportunity we needed. She entered the bathroom and we made our move into the living room. Jake and I got on either side of the bathroom door and Randy and Jon waited in the hallway until further instruction.
We could hear Anna peeing and I got extremely aroused by thinking about what was about to happen to her hot pussy. We heard the toilet flush and unsuspecting Anna opened the door to proceed back to the living room, she took two steps out of the bathroom and without hesitation the ambush was initiated. I grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with one hand to muffle her screams and bear hugged her body with my other arm pinning her arms to her sides. Jake quickly grabbed her kicking legs and took control of her movements in an instant. She tried to fight but it was a lost cause and she quickly realized there was nothing she could do. Jon and Randy joined us and brought our tool bag so we could restrain her. Anna was wearing light pajamas I had bought her for Valentine’s Day that resembled sweats. I had Jake speaking to Jon and Randy and I remained silent so she would not recognize my voice. He told them to cuff her hands behind her back and to tie two short ropes one to each ankle and instructed Jon and Randy to each hold one side of the rope so we could spread those sexy legs apart at will. After she was restrained, I blind folded her and we took her to the couch. She seemed to have settled down and just kept telling us to take whatever we want and to leave. Jon asked her “How do you know what we want? Anna replied, you are thieves aren’t you? Jon told her to just be quiet and we wouldn’t have to gag her. She nodded and sat quietly in fear not knowing what we were going to do. Jake told her if she cooperated she would not get hurt and she said okay. I walked up to her as she was sitting there and I started fondling her tits. She pulled back to get away from me and I clutched her hair in my fist and pulled her close to me. Jake told her to not resist because we do not want to hurt her. She seemed to not listen as she has a fighting spirit and continued to resist but it was not something she would fight her way out of this time. Jake held her down from behind with her back against the couch back and I ripped her new pajama top in half exposing her beautiful 32 B’s. She had the sexiest nipples that were about the size of silver dollars and when she was aroused her perky nipples stood straight out and erect. I pulled my mask half way up exposing my mouth and started to suck her nipples. She squirmed a little but settled down as I continued to suck and nibble on her nipples.

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