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By harleymarine69 on Friday, May 12, 2017 - 7:52 pm:

I was out of town on business trip for a couple weeks. While i was checking into my room i noticed these 3 lovely latina women and one of them ask if i would mind taking a pic of them together; i obliged. They were very nice and quite honestly very hot. nice round tight curves, beautiful smiles and faces. All day long I couldn't stop thinking about the one who asked me to take their picture. First just thoughts of seeing her again and then more provocative thoughts of what she looked like naked and how she was in bed.

When I got off work that day I wanted to unwind so I went to the hotel bar for a drink; and to my surprise there she is. i approach her and ask if i can join her and buy her a drink. after a couple of drinks i just bluntly tell her that i wanna take her to my room and pleasure her in every way humanly possible; we both laugh as if it was a joke..then i grab her and kiss her. she pull back for a second then kisses me. i lead her back to my room and we can't keep our hands off of each other. as we make it through the door we are all over each other. after i completely undress her and she undresses me i back her against the wall kissing her as my hand explore her body. feeling her nice big round ass and squeezing her nice round tits. i worked my way down kissing and licking all over her until i reach her tits, she moaned out as i alternated between sucking her tits while i finger fucked her pussy. she moaned and wiggled as i fingered her tight waiting pussy and sucked her tits; then i moved her to the bed and laid her down. i spread her legs and got down and buried my face in her wet bald pussy. her juices were already flowing and her pussy lips just parted and allowed my tongue to go deep. i licked her pussy until she came several times on my face. she got up, made me lay down on the bed and got on her knees. she took my cock in her mouth and felt it grow to it's full potential (6 1/2 inches). she alternated between sucking my cock and balls and licking the shaft as she jerked me off. she climbed on top of me and stuck her tit in my mouth and i felt her pussy open up and except my cock balls deep. she rode me slow at first and the fast; all the while sticking her tits in and out of my mouth. i could feel her cum flow over my cock and down my balls. then i got on top of her, put her legs over my arms and stuck my cock back inside her. if fucked her with long hard, deep strokes and made her cum several times. after a few minutes i put her doggy style and entered her tight pussy from behind so i could watch her round ass bounce against me. i started slow at first and we got a rhythm going as i grabbed her hips. her pussy was dripping wet and she came several times. as i got ready to cum she pushed back against me and i pulled her so i was balls deep inside her tight wet pussy and i pumped my load deep inside her. she moaned out and collapsed on the bed. she ended up spending several days with me as we explored each other several times a day.
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By monbmore on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 5:58 pm:

You lucky dog.

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