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By ltw69 on Monday, December 18, 2017 - 5:42 pm:

I wrote the story about the time my husband blindfold me. I will now tell you about how I got hooked in my husband getting me to share my pussy with his best friend.

My husband talked to me about me letting him watch another man fuck me for over two years before I agreed to do it. I thought he was crazy or wanted to be fucking some other woman. I was not for that but did finally see that he really wanted to see me being fucked. So I agreed to fuck his best friend. First I was completely satisfied in my marriage and was afraid we could screw this good thing up so I was reluctant to begin with. Hubby lined it up and his friend fucked me two different times. The first time I saw him naked I was disappointed because he dick was a bit smaller than hubbies. My husband is 6 inches and I had hoped that his friend would be bigger. His dick is only about 4 inches. My disappointment changed when he started fucking me. He sure knew how to use it but more important was that he had this very long staying power. He would fuck, fuck and keep fucking. I nicknamed him my little Enginerzer bunny that day because he could just keep on going. Anyway, I fucked him two different times but I felt guilty because we knew his wife and family. I was afraid that others would find out and get a lot of folks upset. So I told hubby that I did not want to do it anymore. I stopped doing with his friend for over two years. Hubby was telling me all the time that he wanted to see me with a dick in my mouth and my pussy at the same time but I held off.

The place I worked was a large plant dominated by men. I was one of the first females to work in the plant. I had finished college and the company placed me in this job and then promoted me during this two years. I had worked with a lot of these men and was then promoted to be their boss. Well let me tell you they were fine as long as I was just working with them but when I was promoted that changed. They were giving me hell about it and some even telling my boss that they would not work for a women boss. I was stressed out just trying to do the job much less put up with this bs. After about a year in the job things were getting better, not great but better. I had built up about a month of comp time and my boss told me I was doing a good job and suggested I take some of my comp time because I deserved some time away. So I took a week off and this week changed everything and it was strictly timing.

Hubby and I decided to give a pool party and have a BBQ the first weekend off. So we invited several friends and their family over. One of the family’s was hubby’s best friend and his wife. Hubby’s friends wife and I are just different. She goes to church every time the doors are open and I do not go at all. She is a stay at home mom and I work in a plant dominated by men. She drinks nothing stronger than sweet tea while I live to drink beer and wine. We are just different. So this day she starts telling me I should work in an office or be a nurse or teach school. All of these jobs are great but they are not for me. She just keeps on saying she does not know why I want to work there. Well, I had heard enough of this crap from the men at work and to know hear this on my days off was really making me mad. The third time she brought it up I just smiled at her and said to my self “just for that I am going to start fucking your husband again”. That night when hubby brought up about wanting to see me with a dick in my mouth and pussy at the same time I told him to line it up and I would do it again with his friend. Hubby lined it up twice that week and they had their way with me. Then hubby lined it up for the next week in a town about 50 miles away. His friend was be doing some work there and could take a half day off from work. Like I say timing is everything in this situation and this trip got me hooked on hubby and his friend fucking me.

Hubby lined up a cheap motel room near the interstate. We just needed a bed for awhile we were not going to stay the night. When we drove up we did not know where the room would be and we had no luggage. We walked up to the reception desk and paid for our room. It was not far away so we did not need to move the car. We got into the room and hubby called his friend to give him the room number while I was taking my clothes off. I left a thin tee shirt on that was tight and showed off my nipples real well. So I lay on the bed with nothing on but the tee shirt. Hubby got undressed and was playing with me when his friend showed up. He started taking his clothes off right away. Hubby was sucking and bitting on one of my nipples already. My nipples have always been very sensitive and I was enjoying this already. Then hubby’s friend moved up to my other nipple and he was sucking it and bitting it also. Hubby pulled one of my legs apart so his friend could get his fingers to my pussy. I don’t know why but this was making me hotter than ever before. They brought me off with just sucking my nippkes and rubbing my pussy. My body was just trembling and I was breathing hard. Then they moved to where one of them had their dick in my mouth and the other one was fucking my pussy. Now I enjoyed this but I have to be honest there is so much going on that it’s hard to concentrate on what is being done. This goes on for about 10 minutes and then for some reason they change how they are fucking me. Hubby’s friend is fucking me while hubby watches. His friend fucks me for about 15 minutes and then hubby moves in and fucks me while his friend watches. This goes on for over an hour. While they were doing it this way they started fucking me in different positions while the other one watched. It was like two kids had one toy to play with and they would try different things when it was his turn. I was the winner for sure. They had me going wild. I had never been fucked like this. I was having one orgasm after another. I was laying on my back and hubbys friend was laying on his side but was fucking me so hubby could see his dick going in and out of me. Hubby got up on the bed with us and moved his fingers to my clit. As hubby’s friends dick would go in me hubby would pinch my clit. They had my body moving and my titties were swinging hard as he fucked me. I usually moan some during sex but this tome I was moaning loud and telling them to “please fuck me, give it to me”. My body was just trembling. Then we heard a knock at the door. Hubby got up and put his pants on. Hubby’s friend then climbed on top of me and was pounding his dick into me. I saw hubby open the door about a foot and then open it wide as the guy from the front desk came into the room. Hubby’s friend was getting ready to fill ne with his cum for the first time that day and I could have stopped him even if I wanted to and I didn’t want him to stop. Hubby’s friend pulled my legs up and I wrapped them around him as he pounded me. He started grunting just as he starts filling me with his cum. When hubby cums in me he will push his dick all the way in and just hold it while his dick empty’s and then he will slowly pull out of me. Hubby’s friend will keep moving his dick in and out of me while he cums. The effect is hubby’s friend will push a lot of cum out of me and I will have cum on my pussy, ass and the bed. The man from the front desk saw all that cum leaking out of me before he left and hubby closed the door. Hubby then got his pants off and got on top of me. I felt as limp as a dish rag. I felt like I had no bones. Hubby slow fucked me while he told me he lived me and thanks for sharing my pussy. In about 10 minutes hubby filled me up that day for the first time. I just lay there with cum on me and in a very wet spot on the bed. Hubby’s friend got back on the bed. I thought does he want to fuck he again? He slowly kissed me and played with my very wet pussy. He even mentioned about all that cum on me. All the time he is doing this my body starts responding again. I was surprised. After about 10 minutes of this I moved my arm and was very surprised to find his hard dick. Over the next 2 hours hubby and his friend filled me with cum twice more. When hubby’s friend went to take a shower I looked over at hubby and told him thanks. When hubby’s friend got ready to go I was still laying there sweetly with cumall over me. The room smelled like you can imagine.

Hubby’s friend left and I finally got out of bed. My legs were wobbly. I tried to take a shower but this cheap motel did not have enough hot water. I knew the way I was so wobbly that I could not stand a cold shower so I just put makeup on and brushed my hair. I did put some tissue in my panties to collect some of the cum that I knew would be leaking from me for some time. I was already having some pussy spasms. I had not had these before. My pussy would spasm and my body would just tremble. We walked out to the car and on the way we saw the guy from the front desk that came into the room. He was talking to a black man near the entrance. As I walked by I had one of those pussy spasms and he just smiled at me and rubbed his crotch.

On the way home I continued having these spasms. As we got near home I remembered we needed some milk and bread so we stopped at Walmart. As I walked in I just knew that everyone was looking at me and knowing that I just had the hell fucked out of me. As I walked to the checkout I had another pussy spasm. I leaned against the counter to steady myself. The checkout woman asked me was I ok? I just smiled and said yes.

So all of this is just timing. From that day forward I was hooked on hubby and his friend fucking me. I am not sure just what changed that weekend. Was it releasing some of that stress from work? Was it hubby’s friends wife giving me hell at the pool party? Why did hubby and his friend change the way they were fucking me? Over the next year hubbys friend was fucking me 2, 3 or 4 tines a week. We had another pool party the next year and hubby’s friends wife was there again. Again she had that same attitude toward me. I just smiled at her and said to myself “I bet I’ve had more of your husbands cum than you”. Here are a few pictures that hubby took while his friend fucked me one of those day.

By jim0791 on Monday, December 18, 2017 - 10:17 pm:

All that work tension combined with the negativity from that woman got you to the point where you needed to do some serious releasing. You probably fucked hubby's friend 10 times better his wife probably ever did. I bet that also intensified the pleasure for you as well! He sure was lucky if he was doing you up to 4 times a week. How come it didn't keep going past those ten years? It sounded like you all had a great thing going. Thanks again for the story and those in-action pics ltw69!!!!

By topneman on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 11:29 pm:

you are an awesome wife! please tell us more stories. thank you for the pics,they are hot!

By adambill on Monday, February 26, 2018 - 1:19 pm:

Mmm hot story and hot pictures!! Wish I was hubby's friend!!

By txninetx on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 2:37 pm:

Hot story. Hot pics.

By columbiatn2 on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 6:27 pm:

Nice read great pics

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