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By 1sexyasian on Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 9:31 pm:

during the week, when i am home alone and the sun is shining, i like to go out into the garden and do a little of this and that for a few hours.

i live in a very quite area with good neighbours who are usually at work monday to friday.

one day, while tending to the garden in a very cool summer dress and not much else, i noticed the curtains move in one of the windows next door. i thought it was just the old man's cat and put it out of my mind.

but a few days later it happened again. i began to wonder if the old man was home, and not working at the local mall as he normally does.

shock was my first reaction - omg! what has he seen? believing i was all alone and not needing to be at all lady-like, i have probably given him quite a show over the past few weeks!!! i wonder how long this has this been going on for? what has he seen? why does he watch me? what does he do while watching me?


after going back inside, i started to check him out - looking for any sign of movement next door. was he still looking to see if i was in the garden? was he really home, or was all this just his silly cat?

suddenly i saw movement - a curtain moved, and sure enough, it was the old man. that dirty old bastard has been peeping on me !!! i wonder what he can see from all the windows he peeps through? his garden shed has windows and that is right next to my vegetable patch at the back of the house. what has he seen so far? so many questions ...

while standing next to the sink in the kitchen looking out the window, my thoughts were racing. i suddenly realized that i was touching myself, rubbing her gently. i was surprised at how wet i was, just thinking about the old man watching me .....

what does he do as he secretly watches me? does he play with it?

i could continue as if nothing has changed, even give him a real show. my heart raced as thoughts of being norty began to take shape .... what should i try next? how about a photo shoot? sunbathing? or my bedroom window at night?


the thought of the old man playing with his cock and cumming while peeping at me is such a turn on. i try to imagine what it looks like ... but i need help with the imagining and the visualizing .... i need some guys online to help ..... a helping hand :-) show me what you would do ...

here is a photo of me in the garden showing him my panties. i am sure the old mad was watching my every move. and you can see what he was looking at as i did the gardening, or posed for my camera.

please show me what the old man was doing as he watched me ... video yourself cumming on my photos and send me your videos. the more you play along, the more i will show you of my norty adventures in the garden ... i can even tell you the story that goes with the photo(s) if you like ...

oh! with legs wide open, i even take my panties off.

for those of you that like my story and want to play along, i also have a few norty videos of me playing after teasing the old man ... ssssssooo hot!

once again, video yourself cumming on me and i'll send you more to play with. if you want a response, i must be in your photos and videos - i want to be the star in your show!

sexy asian

send your helping hand videos to ...

By big_asslover on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 6:20 pm:

Sexy! Damn ,I'd be watching you too! Very very sexy! turning me on like crazy, and I'm 70. Wish you were my neighbor. Wow! You have me hot for an old guys.

By big_asslover on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 12:46 am:

You are so fucking hot. I'd eat you everyday
until you cam in my mouth

By scorpiobwc00as4utar on Friday, January 4, 2019 - 3:35 pm:

Very HOT and Sexy Lady !! You got MAIL !!!

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