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By bdfdrmn on Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 12:19 pm:

I was recently in OKC staying at a hotel. At 4AM I was awakened by a loud moan, and immediately sat up in bed wondering what it was. In the room next door, connected by a double door, apparently was a couple who had started some sex play, and the gal was getting into that orgasmic state where one comes after another. Very quickly another very loud moan. At 4AM when everything is particularly quiet and still, it's amazing what can be heard through walls. As I realized what was going on, I got up, pressed my ear to where the connecting door met the wall, and got such a very clear treat I couldnt believe it! Apparently he was eating her, and a man after my own heart because he slowly put her through the roof with slowly building orgasms, each sounding more intense than the last. I mean, she had to have been off the bed. Of course I had no idea if there were any toys involved, which is possible, but my god, her loud moaning stirred the depths of me to where I began getting weird thoughts like knocking on their door begging for a little participation! I didnt, and settled for just enjoying the performance. So, after about 40 minutes of orgasms that really had my blood flowing (downwards), he apparently got inside her and began pounding her. My imagination was going wild, wondering if it was from the rear or missionary? And I also realized the power of imagination! hahah. It can be hotter than the visual, even! The reason I suspected rear entry was that very plainly I could hear his body slapping against hers, and that is more likely to be if he is pumping hard from behind. And my hat was off to her! What a great sex partner she sounded like. The loud moans and groans were probably the sexiest and most sensual....and the most provocative....I have ever witnessed. Well, this pumping and slapping of hot flesh went on for about another 20 minutes, and I began wondering how this guy was doing it? I mean, I have had some long sessions but I was younger then. Maybe he had taken viagra or was just very wound up and had the sustaining power? Well, one thing for certain, I could tell by her moaning that things were building up to a crescendo, and about that time he began verbalizing, like, "Im fucking you so good", "Fuck me, fuck me"...."Give me your cunt". Hah.....I knew he must be getting down to the short strokes, and sure enough he popped a big one and all hell broke loose. She was really taking it good, whining and moaning as he came, and he was over the line with sounds and groans. It seemed like he came for about a minute, which is saying something, then suddenly, after all that, over an hour of a great performance, everything got quiet. I mean, I wanted to start applauding......."bravo, bravo!". Well, it wasnt easy going back to sleep. I had to make some adjustments. In the morning when I left my room, I couldnt help look over next door, and there was a food tray on the floor with lots of empty plates, so they were still in there. I was really hoping to get a glimpse of her, especially, and as luck had it, later in the day as I was heading for the elevator, their door opened and out walked a couple in their 40's, and she was drop dead hot......tall, slender, heavy breasted, very long sexy legs and about the cutest ass you can imagine! Just being on the elevator with her actually made me salivate. Boy, what I wouldnt have done for a taste of that!!!

Whew....I can still hear her orgasms......

By lildickfucker on Friday, May 11, 2018 - 1:45 pm:

I'd have left them a message thanking them for one of the best erotic experience you ever had!

By maxminimum on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 11:03 pm:

Very hot story! I've gotten to experience this when the woman in question was my wife, in our bedroom, getting fucked roughly by a friend of mine! The door was closed and I stood in the hallway trying to be silent and hear every last detail. I couldn't help but stroke to the sound of my wife becoming another man's fuck toy.

As hot as it was, it was even hotter the next day when I got the details! They didn't know that I'd listened in, and my wife admitted to having sex but didn't make a big deal about it. He, however, gave me a lot of detail, and it matched perfectly with what I'd heard. They'd really gone all out, with him pulling her hair while fucking her hard from behind, climaxing with him unloading deep inside her. I had to stroke all over again once I knew what a shameless slut my wife had been for his cock.

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